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Goodbye painful Stretches.
Hello, Easy, Fast, and Safe Flexibility!

The ONLY Stretching Method that is NATURAL for YOUR BODY!


Learn how to do a Side Split, at home, with a proven method, that is guaranteed to take you from 0 to a 180 degree split and beyond. 

We can even predict the date that you'll get your split!




You Can Get Your Splits Fast!

With a Stretching Method, unlike any, you've ever tried before: 

Zaichik Stretching Method:

  • Scientifically designed by a world renowned fitness & flexibility expert Paul Zaichik, with over 30 years experience in the field.
  • Isolates muscle action one by one (to ensure they are doing their job).
  • Takes care of the muscles that are tighter first.
  • Allows easier focus, since you are working on one specific area at a time.
  • You can do it All on your own! No pushing or bouncing is necessary, not even a partner!
  • Remember that phrase 'No Pain - No Gain?', well it doesn't apply to our method. Each stretch is designed to be PAIN-FREE! Thereby eliminating discomfort and allowing you to continue training to achieve faster results.
  • Totally safe , since it was designed according to what is natural for your body.
  • Gains are permanent and steady. It is very enjoyable to do.
  • The approach of our programs is very different from standard stretching approaches. Instead of using other poses, for example such as in Yoga, other Asanas are used to prepare for a stretch, Zaichik Stretching Techniques are used to isolate each muscle being stretched which results in a pain free, fast, easy and safe stretching method.
  • Results are visible right away since the stretch reflex is avoided, which means you'll get to show off your flexibility in no time! After experiencing the Zaichik Stretching Techniques: "Watch out for my superhuman flexibility" will become your motto.

"Got my full side split in a little over a month!"

I simply cannot believe the results! Kept what I got and kept going to an oversplit! Can't wait to share my results with you! Thank you! Thank you! -Gina F.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

We will teach you how to Easily get your Side Split, Fast, Safe and Pain Free!


Jennifer Chiasson

I was developing a lot of complications by going to the gym and doing Yoga. My tightness was getting worse, arm muscle pain developing, tendon issues. EasyFlexibility gave me the answer – I was hyperflexible and have been doing it all wrong. With EasyFlexibility my results were great. They have been extremely fast. 

Dominic Oziren Omoarukhe

Using easy flexibility has been a huge life changer in my martial arts journey, complex technics and skills which were had to perform, but thanks to easy flexibility programs I can perform this skills and techniques with ease

Heather Linn

Enjoying my split! Thanks to Easyflexibility! 


Side Split Online Training Course

Are You Ready to do Effortless Splits ANYTIME that you wish? 

Then this Side Splits Training Course is for you! In this 3 part series we will teach you everything you need to know to get your 180 degree split!  In this course you will learn:

  • Mobility Exercises, for each joint, to keep your joints healthy and lubricated.  
  • Skill Specific warmup exercises to gradually prepare your body for a split. 
  • Proprietary Zaichik Stretching Techniques, for each muscle involved in a split, so that your flexibility improves right away without pain.
  • Unique Strength & Flexibility techniques that allow you to retain your newly gained flexibility and connect it to your target skill. 

See visible results in 1 to 3 easy follow along workouts. Fast Progress. Permanent Results. No Pain. No Injuries. Flexibility & Strength Combined. For All Ages. Train at home. At your own pace. On any device. Instant Access. 

What's Included In this training course...


Side Split Beginner 

This Side Split Beginner program will help get you started with the Side Split. In this Side Split Beginner training program you will be introduced to our Proprietary Zaichik Stretching Techniques and Supporting Exercises to help get you to 135 degree Side Split. In this course, you will:
  • Be introduced to the Zaichik Stretching Method.
  • Build the foundation necessary to get your 180 degree Side Split.
  • Progress from 0 to 135 degrees in your split. 

Through our research we discovered that the flexibility challenges are different for a beginner student when looking to master a side split. And that is why there is a separate program for different levels. At each level there are different techniques which are optimal for that specific level’s range of motion. In simple terms, building a roof makes no sense before building a foundation. Kinesiologically speaking, certain muscles are tighter for beginner students than other muscles groups and thus in this program the focus is on those specific muscles. Our system is the only system that can do this, because we isolate muscles using the Zaichik Stretching Techniques, instead of trying to stretch them all together at once.


Side Split Intermediate

This program will help you master your 180 degree Side Split! In this Side Split Intermediate training program you will continue to improve your split going above the 135 degrees that you've gained in the beginner level. Here you will learn a new set of conditioning exercises, ZST's and Supporting exercises to help keep your newly found flexibility. In this program, you will:

  • Learn a new set of Conditioning Exercises,  ZST's and Supporting Exercises.
  • Finally get your 180 degree Split!
  • Progress from 135 to 180 degrees in your split.

You’ll finish this course having gained flexibility and strength necessary to perform a 180 degree split!


Side Split Advanced

Advanced Program will find you working on perfecting your Side (Middle) split and going beyond 180 degrees into an oversplit. Here you will work mostly on additional adductors and very targeted side split exercises which will give you the extra oomph you're looking for:

  • Learn a new set of Conditioning Exercises, ZST's and Supporting Exercises. 
  • Go beyond 180 Degree split into an Oversplit!

You’ll finish this course being able to perform an oversplit anytime that you wish.

Plus when you sign up for this course you will also get these bonuses:

Stretch180 App

Flexibility Measurement App Online. This app will measure your splits accurately and tell you how many degrees you are progressing each training session. Track your progress. Give you an estimated date for full splits. Keep you engaged and motivated with your flexibility training. And keep you focused on your EasyFlexibility Goals!

Add a title

Access to a Private Support Group: No longer will you train alone. Now you can be part of a group and train alongside other EasyFlexibility practitioners. Once registered for this course you will gain access to a private support group, where you will find 24-hour active community to share your experience with, ask questions and get advice. 


Once purchased, this course is your to keep forever! There are no hidden fees and no strings attached. You will not be billed monthly, you pay only one time and get unlimited lifetime access to this program which is kept for you in your very own online library for easy access on any device of your choice, anytime, anywhere. 

Ready to get started? Thousands of people worldwide have achieved the same results you're dreaming about and you can too! 

I didn't feel like I did anything!

I’m not at all flexible by nature. I had a hip replacement and couldn’t do a side split at all. When using EasyFlexiiblity I didn’t really feel like I was doing anything, I was not sweating. It was not tough. I could just do it and go back to my sofa 10 minutes later, but I could really see an improvement even though I didn’t feel like I did anything.” ~ Sandra Handaard

My kicks have never felt this good.

Immediately after I did the stretches my muscles actually felt warm and flexible. After that I went to the bag and did a Roundhouse kick. My kicks have never felt this good. Within 2 months I could split fully, so yeah it works!” ~ Dawid Bloom

I don't feel tired, my sciatica is gone!

“I’ve seen that it has improved my life in so many areas that honestly I didn’t expect it. For me it was eye opening. The benefits that it was giving me, my breathing improved, my sleeping improved, sitting down for many ours is no longer painful, I don’t feel tired, my sciatica is gone!” ~Aliz Ayala


It's easy to get started!

Learn how to do a Side (Middle) Split at home with a proven method that is guaranteed to take you from 0 to a 180 degree split and beyond. We can even predict the date that you'll get your split!

See visible results in 1 to 3 easy follow along workouts.
Unique muscle by muscle isolation stretching techniques.
Fast Progress.
Permanent Results.
No Pain.
No Injuries.
Flexibility & Strength combined.
For all ages.
30 – 40 minute workouts, 2 – 3 times a week.
All videos contain subtitles.
Train at home. At your pace. From any device.
Instant Access.
No hidden fees. No strings attached. No surprises.

Yes! I'm ready to get my 180 Degree Side Split!

Did you know that a Split requires specific muscles to be flexible?

And, if ONLY 1 of these muscles is tight, you won’t get your split? 

That’s right ONLY 1 muscle can be the reason that you still aren’t able to do a 180 Degree Split.

Well, we’re here to change that! Paul Zaichik, the founder of the Zaichik Stretching Techniques did a break down of each of the muscles that are involved in a split and came up with a revolutionary stretching method based on the science of Kinesiology, that guarantees that you will get your 180 Degree FLAT Split Fast, Safe and Easy!

With the Zaichik Stretching Method you can PINPOINT which muscle is tight, and work on it, kinesiologically, which means targeting the issue in a way that is natural for your body.

Meaning that in just a few sessions you will be able to see improvement and not just feel it, but actually measure it, with a special measuring app which will show you exactly how many degrees you have improved in your flexibility.
Zaichik Stretching Method is based on facts, science and lots of research and yet is very simple to understand. There is no guess work involved. Each stretch is designed to isolate the muscles that are the culprits of flexibility issues. This is opposed to standard stretching you have seen everywhere else.

Stretching exercises are most effective when combined with specialized strength exercises which allow your body to take advantage of your newly gained range of motion and transfer that range of motion into a full 180 degree Split.

This program has been designed tested and retested many times, for optimum combination of stretching and strength exercises for fastest and easiest results.

Zaichik Stretching Method is a proven and tested method that took Paul Zaichik, the founder of EasyFlexibility, 30 years of rigorous testing, experimentation, and deep knowledge of the human body to perfect.

30 years of knowledge
 compressed into concise, easy to follow step by step, online training course which will take 30 – 40 minutes of your time, 2 – 3 times a week to get you your perfect 180 degree Split.

All of our programs are pre-recorded online video training step by step tutorials. There is absolutely no guess work involved, no time wasting guessing what to do or why your training is not working! Everything is easy to understand, do and follow, and most importantly GET RESULTS. 

So if you want a proven, safe, easy to understand and do training program based on science, that is guaranteed to get you that perfect 180 Degree Split, then register for this course and start your training today!



ONLY $89.97 $59.99


After you register for this course, you will receive an email with login information to your very own online library from which you will be able to access all of the courses that you purchase from us.

No! When you purchase a program, you only pay for it one time and have access to this program indefinitely. You don’t need to pay for this program again, ever. It is yours to keep in your online library forever.

Yes! Our programs are safe for all ages providing that you do not have any underlying medical condition that could be preventing you from doing simple stretches. If you are not sure please send an email to [email protected] and we will assist you.

All of our programs are available online in an online library which is very convenient because you don’t have to worry about losing them. You will always have access to your programs as long as you have internet connection. You can watch your programs online form any device anywhere in the world!

We'd love to hear from you! You can always reach out to us by either chatting with us LIVE (M-F, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST/EDT), calling us on the phone, or sending an email to [email protected] 


Paul Zaichik

Paul Zaichik, is a World Renowned Fitness & Flexibility Expert. Founder of ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning, EasyFlexibility and the Zaichik Stretching Techniques.

His innovative method is designed to have maximum carry over into specific athletic techniques. Paul is the author of books and DVD’s on the topic of flexibility, martial arts and bodyweight training. Over the years, Paul Zaichik has worked with a variety of individuals including athletes, entertainers, and military personnel. His ElasticSteel Method of Athletic Conditioning programs are used world wide by both professional and amateurs with great success.

Zaichik Stretching Techniques (formerly known as Kinesiological Stretching Technique) is a Trademarked and Copywrited concept, developed through ElasticSteel research by Paul Zaichik. The techniques used are almost impossible to describe without showing, simply because there is nothing to compare them to. This type of Safe, Fast and Easy method of stretching has never existed before.

"Need more flexibility – EASYFLEXIBILITY is the place to go!

 Wow – these set of programs really work. Having tried one of the sessions for a month they did, after just 2 weeks I had already achieved a greater range of movement and flexibility. For anyone looking for greater flexibility in any muscle group, these are the programs for you whether it ballet, martial arts, dance golf, etc.,"

- Paul Stone

"Highly recommend! 

Get the programs, join the fb support community, trust the process. I have learnt so much about the body and the easy flexibility program from the other teachers and trainers. It is different from any other technique and it just works. Regular sales help you add more programs and any questions are answered on the fb group."

- Ruth Humphries

"I absolutely love the programs!

"I absolutely love the programs! The stretches (ZSTs) provide quick and effective results. I’ve injured my hamstrings too many times to count but doing ZSTs on my hammers have definitely helped with tightness. Plus there’s an amazing community that is so helpful on your flexibility journey. It’s like a little family! I highly recommend any program from EasyFlexibility!"

- Danie Etienne

It's easy to get started!

Learn how to do a Side (Middle) Split at home with a proven method that is guaranteed to take you from 0 to a 180 degree split and beyond. We can even predict the date that you'll get your split!

See visible results in 1 to 3 easy follow along workouts.
Unique muscle by muscle isolation stretching techniques.
Fast Progress.
Permanent Results.
No Pain.
No Injuries.
Flexibility & Strength combined.
For all ages.
30 – 40 minute workouts, 2 – 3 times a week.
All videos contain subtitles.
Train at home. At your pace. From any device.
Instant Access.
No hidden fees. No strings attached. No surprises.

Yes! I'm ready to get my 180 Degree Side Split!

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