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"Haven't been able to do a good Attitude no matter how hard I trained. Looking through youtube I saw Paul's video and decided to give it a try. I was astonished at the results I got. My Devant has improved tremendously in only a few weeks.! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Kira M. 

Ever wonder what muscles are involved in an Attitude Devant? Here's the answer:

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Let us show you how you can dramatically improve your Attitude Devant, steadily, safely, painlessly and quickly with the use of the ZST.

& Flexibility Method that will Change Your Life Forever!


The Magic of
the Zaichik Stretching Method

  • Scientifically designed by a world-renowned fitness & flexibility expert Paul Zaihick, with over 30 years’ experience in the field.
  • Isolates muscle actions one by one (to ensure they are doing their job).
  • Takes care of the muscles that are tighter first
  • Allows easier focus, since you are working on one specific area at a time
  • You can do it all on your own! No pushing or bouncing is necessary, not even a partner!
  • Remember that phrase “No Pain – No Gain?”, well it doesn’t apply to our method. Each stretch is designed to be PAIN-FREE! Thereby eliminating discomfort and allowing you to continue training to achieve faster results.
  • Totally safe, since it was designed according to what is natural for your body.
  • Gains are permanent and steady
  • It is very enjoyable to do
  • Results are visible right away since the stretch reflex is avoided, which means you’ll get to show off your flexibility in no time!

Take a look at this program contents: 

Specific Attitude Devant Warm-Up & Conditioning Techniques

The routine begins with mobility exercises, followed by specific warmup and conditioning techniques that will prepare your body for the special stretching techniques that follow. Not only that, these exercises will also make your newly gained flexibility permanent, they will speed up flexibility gains as well as make you strong and in control of your body. You'll feel lighter than ever!

Unique Zaichik Stretching Techniques

Thanks to the Target & Leverage mechanism (unique to the ZST approach), these techniques are the most natural way to stretch. Since the stretch reflex is avoided, pain is not present, and results are visible right away.

Have a Look at the Course Contents:

You can achieve a exquisite Attitude Devant

An attitude in classical ballet is a position where the dancer is standing on one leg with the other lifted, usually to the front (devant) or back (derrière).  The leg in the air is bent at the knee so that it forms roughly a 145 degree angle.

The attitude position is commonly seen throughout many aspects of classical ballet technique in class and on stage in classical and contemporary choreography.

It is important for a dancer not to over, or under, bend the leg in attitude causing the lifted and bent leg to look either too short or too long (possibly being mistaken for an improper extension with a bent leg, for example an arabesque with a bent leg working leg is not an arabesque.)

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