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Flexibility & Strength for Dance

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I have been a professional dancer for over 10 years this Program is now part of my training regimen I had an average turnout, but with use of this program, I have seen amazing results. My body is in correct alignment and my knees are not stressed out, because my turnout is coming from the hip. Thank you Easy Flexibility, it feels great to do a Grand Plie !! Mary Ellen Valenti

Zaichik Stretching Method is different from anything you've ever tried before


It's designed to Isolate muscle actions one by one, to ensure they are doing their job.

This means that every single stretch is scientifically designed to target one muscle at a time, translating into a very safe and nourishing experience for your body.

Takes care of the ones that are tighter first.

Tight muscles translate into easy injuries. Unlike traditional stretching methods that focus on all muscle stretches at the same time, ZST allows you to focus on those muscles that are the underlying cause of slow progress and potential injury. Releasing tight muscles first allows for a much more enjoyable stretching session which will leave you feeling renewed, relaxed and refreshed and yet invigorated to tackle any task of the day.


Zaichik Stretching Techniques are dynamic flexibility exercises.

We show you a sample of how to work each muscle

Why are professional dancers so good?
How can you be that good or better?
Were they born exceptionally talented? If you ask many dancers they'll answer "It's 99% hard work and only 1% talent".But you are probably working hard already and not getting any better... Why!?There's a saying "If you keep doing something wrong, no matter how many times  you do it,  you get good at exactly that, doing it wrong"... Which we dare say is exactly what YOU are doing.
So how can you improve your dancing skills? What can YOU do to be the next Star? 
The answer is the Zaichik Stretching Technique (ZST), which will not only get you flexible, but strong so that you can hold any position that you wish and truly shine on stage. 

Ballet & Dance Flexibility Stretches Programs

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Turn Out Training Program

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Penche Training Program

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Arabesque Training Program

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Attitude Devant Training Program

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Developpe A La Seconde Training Program

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Foot & Ankle Training Program

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Side Tilt Kick Training Program

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Ballet and Dance Flexibility Combo with Bonus

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